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Yehuda Berlinger

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At Ben Gurion: "Do you know why you were pulled over for additional checking?" "The four bottles of wine in my suitcase?" "Perhaps. How long have you owned this suitcase?" "I don't know." "A week? A year?" "At least a year?" "Have you loaned it out to anyone recently?" "My wife. My stepson." "Anyone outside the family?" "No." "Where did you get the wine?" "My wine rack?" "Did someone give you the wine to take with you on the plane?" "I bought them at Supersol." "Did anyone hand you something to put into your suitcase?" "No." "Any strangers ask you to take something, or deliver something for them?" "No." "Did you leave the suitcases alone and then see someone dark and mysterious lingering around them?" "No?" "Anyone run up to your suitcases, shove something in, cackle maniacally, and run away?" "Uh ..." "Anyone throw something into your suitcase while you were packing it and then di... (more)

What is Web 3.0?

The psychological experience of using the Internet is undergoing slow but constant change. Up until now, using the Web has involved "going out" to Web sites. However, this is changing. Understanding this transformation, and plotting its direction, can provide us with a new understanding of where our Web technology is going. This destination can be called "Web 3.0." Underneath the Hood Very little of the core protocols that define how the Internet works have changed over the last twenty years. What has changed, and very slowly, are some basic hardware upgrades and the software inte... (more)

How to Get a Professional Corporate Blogging Job

The Secrets of Corporate Blogging I would like to begin with defining what corporate blogging is. There are actually four types of blogs that can be considered corporate blogs; I will list these definitions later. For now, suffice to say that I am most interested in corporate blogging as “professional blogging on behalf of a company”. So first I have to explain: what is professional blogging? And to do that, I first have to explain: what is blogging? What is Blogging? A casual definition of blogging is writing articles and then posting them online so that they can be accessed chron... (more)

The Strangest Board Games of 2009

+6 Bag O'Munchkin Babes Following Steve Jackson's other release +6 Bag O'Munchkins. Aside from the weirdness of using these in a game of Munchkin - you can put one in front of you in order to gain a benefit during the game - SJ added a whole level of weirdness to them by allowing you to use the pieces in any other game. For instance, you can whip out a munchkin babe to add or subtract from your die roll once in some other roll and move game. This is so cool, that I hope the concept spreads (and I'll be stealing the idea for my next game at BGG.con, so look in your goodie bags). Aargh... (more)

Show Report: 2009 Jewish Bloggers Conference

The 2009 Jewish Bloggers Conference has ended. It was something of a mixture, with many signs of improvement, but the conference still has a ways to go to reach maturity. It was good enough to give me hope for future iterations. Location and Organization The location and organization was excellent. Food was fine. Service was fine. Acoustics and timing were fine. Things even went, roughly, on schedule. Kol hakavod to the organizers. There were a few snafus. The location of the event was announced in the initial email sent to those bloggers who were invited to attend, but then this i... (more)